1999 Saab 9-3 SE Light Bulb Inventory

The following is an inventory of most of the replaceable bulbs in a 1999 Saab 9-3 SE hatchback. Bulbs illuminating the instrument panel and center console are not included.

Location Bulb Quantity
Interior Overhead Dome, Front and Rear Festoon, 12866 Philips, 12V 10W, K25673 2
Individual Overhead, Driver and Passenger Pinch-insert, W5W 8C3, P12V, E12CA, W5W7M 2
Individual Overhead, Rear Passengers Bayonet, Osram, 12V 14W, 37R, E1 0007-n8i 2
Trunk Festoon, 12854 Philips, 12V 10W 1
Reverse & Rear Fog Lights Bayonet, Osram 7506L, 12VP21W , 37R 4
License Plate Pinch-insert, TG1LF 194LL 2
Break Dual Contact Bayonet, 2528L Osram, 12VP21/5W 4
Rear Turn Signal Bayonet, Amber-colored, PY21W, 12496LL, Philips, 12V 21W 2
Side Running Lights Pinch-insert, PN, 12V5W, W5W8L 2
Front Parking Lights Bayonet, 1157 Philips, 12V 32/3CP 2
Front Turn Signal Dual Contact Bayonet, Amber, 548L 2
"City" Light/Headlight Accent S1 VW 2
Fog 1 (incandescent) Bayonet, Osram 1156 12V 32cp w7K 2
Fog 2 (halogen) PBT GF30 2