Automating Alcatel-Lucent Captive Portal (aka Access Guardian) Authentication

If your organization doesn't use native 802.1x supplicants for authentication, logging into a captive portal page over and over again gets really old, really fast. However, it is still possible to automate this process, even if it can't be made faster.

Using wget To Authenticate

Since logging into a captive portal page is really just filling out a form on a website, you can log in by submitting your credentials as if they were coming from a form. The following does just that using a GNU/Linux program called wget. Be sure to replace the base URL with your Captive Portal URL, and to use your username and password.

wget --post-data="myReason=&myLogin=sampleUsername&myPass=samplePassword"

To automate logging in, you can make a cron job for the above command. Note, however, that your username and password would be stored in plain text in the cron job. Also, if you have history enabled, it may be possible to get your username and password by viewing previously executed commands with the history command.

Using a Java Client to Authenticate

Since many people would have trouble authenticating using wget (because it's not native to their operating system or they don't understand cron jobs), here is a Java application that will basically do the same thing with a GUI.




Coming soon!